10 Birthday Cakes For Boys That They Will Flip Over!

10 Birthday Cakes For Boys That They Will Flip Over!

Birthday Cakes For Boys

Does the little dude in your life have a birthday coming up? Does he already have a birthday theme in mind? Or maybe he is looking for the perfect Birthday Cake to be the centerpiece of his big day. I thought that might be the case, so I wanted to share with you 10 Birthday Cakes for boys that they will flip over! These birthday cakes are perfect for any cool guy that wants to impress on his big day! Let’s check them out:

1. Construction Site Birthday Cake – For the rough and tough boys out there, this cake brings the fun and dirt to a fun cake that is easy enough to make at home.

construction site cake

2. Easy Superhero Cake – This cake will turn the birthday boy into a super hero, and you can personalize it to fit their personality perfectly! 

superhero cake

3. Dinosaur Dig Site Cake – With the popularity of a new dinosaur movie that came out this year, it seems like everyone is getting down with the T-Rex. This cake brings something different than your average cake, and is actually pretty easy to make!

dinosaur cake

4. Dirt Cake – Dirt cake is a classic cake recipe that looks like you just went and scooped up a piece of your garden (complete with a few worms!) but is actually a chocolate delight! Boys will love the gross factor. 

dirt cake


5. Minecraft Cake – I know a ton of boys (and girls!) that are obsessed with minecraft, and how cool would a minecraft party be!? You have to start with an awesome cake like this!

minecraft cake

6. Camo Cake – For the military lover this is a really cute cake idea! And with a little skill I don’t think it would be that hard to recreate.

camo cake

7. Xbox Controller Cake – I have a house full of gamers who would freak over this cake! It’s sure to be gobbled up by anyone who loves playing video games.

xbox controller cake

8. Baseball Mitt Cake – If you have a sports fan in your family, this baseball mitt cake is perfectly adorable! 

baseball mitt cake

9. Lego Cake – Who doesn’t love to be creative and build something out of legos? Why not something you can eat!?

lego cake

10. Monster Truck Birthday Cake – Monster trucks are loud, big, and powweful. And I bet any little boy would love this cake!

monster truck cake

Which Birthday Cake for boys do you love best?

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