10 Baby Shower Games Your Guests Are Sure To Love

10 Baby Shower Games Your Guests Are Sure To Love

baby shower games

Planning a baby shower for a friend or family member can be super fun and rewarding, but can also be stressful because you want to make sure everyone has a great time right? And more importantly you want to make sure the Mother-to-Be has fun. I recently planned a baby shower for my best friend and had the best time finding the perfect menu options, decorations, favors, and baby shower games. So since I did some research on baby shower games I thought I would share some of the best ones I found on the internet so you can plan  the perfect Baby shower too! I hope you enjoy!

Here are 10 Baby Shower Games your guests are sure to love:

1. Old Wives Tales Trivia – We have all heard the old wives tales about pregnancy so let’s put everyone’s knowledge to the test! 

baby shower game

2. Guess The Baby Photo – Have all of your party guests bring baby photos of themselves and hang them on a bulletin board. Then have everyone take turns trying to guess who is who! 

baby shower games

3. Name That Poo Baby Shower Game – Now this might not be the game for everyone, but it is super funny. So if you have a group of people that love to laugh, this game is for you. (And don’t worry, it’s chocolate)

name that poo baby shower game

4. Late Night Diaper Baby Shower Game – Changing diapers late at night is not very fun for new parents, but this game is something they can keep and laugh about at 2 am, and it’s funny to see what people can come up with.

late night diaper game

5. Babies Against Parenthood – If you have ever played cards against humanity then you will LOVE this baby shower game version. (Free printable included!)

baby shower games

6. Guess The Baby Food – Something that is sure to get everyone laughing is a game where you have to taste baby food and guess the flavor. Sure it’s fun when you are tasting pears, but what about the first person to get ham? Ha!

guess the baby food game

7. Diaper Toss Game – We all know how much time the mom to be will be spending tossing diapers in the trash, so why not give her some practice ahead of time!

toss the diaper party game

8. Decorate A Block – Not only will this game be fun for the party guests, but it will also be a wonderful gift for the new baby. 

decorate a block game

9. Pin the Stache on the baby – Is this not hilarious!? It will get everyone out of their seats and moving!

pin the stache on the baby game

10. Baby Shower Bingo – You can’t go wrong with a classic bingo game. Everyone knows how to play bingo, and it’s fun!

baby shower bingo


Which Baby Shower Game is your favorite?

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  1. Guess the dirty diaper. Trying to find games for a couples shower, looking for something that is a little more competitive. This group is very competitive and active.

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