School lunch ideas without bread! #12daysof

It’s our favorite time of the month! It’s time to see 12 days of our favorite blogger recipes and ideas for school lunches. We’ve got some great one this month. So be sure to check them out on our linky below. Here’s my ideas for school lunches when kids are tired of sandwiches.


It’s so hard to find good lunches when the kids get tired of sandwiches. I have found a few that my kids love. Now these may not be for everyone. My kids are older now and tend to have a great variety of food that they will eat. So check out what I’m making in their lunches this year.

First off they love the smoked sausages. I found these and they were thrilled to just take them with some cheese and crackers. I think it’s my son’s favorite lunch this year. He has taken it twice already. Yum.


My daughter on the other hand is a bit more health conscience. She wants something yummy and with a crunch. So I packed her tuna on cucumbers (because cucumbers are her favorite) and then egg salad on cucumbers. She was in heaven. What lunches are popular with your kids?

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