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Schick Disposable Razors

College Life is so much Fun

When you’re getting ready to go off to college there’s so many things to think about. Not only do you have to decorate the dorm room you have to remember to bring all their bath items with them! We don’t want you to forget about the importance of shaving so we’re helping you today and giving you a coupon for your college goer! Whether they’re a girl or a boy the Schick Disposable Razors are the way to go. Schick disposable razors wants to help get your kids dorm ready with a buy one get one free coupon for Schick at Walmart.

Take Schick to College!

I found my Schick Hydro 5 disposable razors at WalMart for only $9.95 (prices may vary based on region). Combine that with a buy one get one free coupon and you’re good to go. I know as a mom it’s hard to let those kids head off to college. But it’ll be so worth it to watch them fly. We ‘ve raised them all this time to make good decisions and be good at whatever they do. Let’s sit back and watch them go on to their next phase in life. He’s been busy this summer looking for books, computers and just trying to prepare himself for his classes. I’m so excited for him. We’ve bought him a new bed set, school supplies and more. It’s hard to get them ready to go. I’ve prepared him but who will prepare me? Even when I know he’s ready for college I’m not sure I am ready!

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  1. My husband loves the Schick 5 blade razors. He says they give him the closest shave without irritation.

  2. I am a big Schick disposable razor fan and what a great price! Thanks for the reminder as I am out of razors, so will be hopping down to the store and replenish today!

  3. Everyone loves Schick. There’s no better shaver for getting close w/o nicking you!