Pizza Pinwheel lollipop idea #12daysof

pizza pinwheel lollipop lunch idea

I can’t believe some of the great ideas we’ve had on our 12 days of school lunches. Check out this pizza pinwheel lollipop idea. Cyn really did a great job with this one. Who wouldn’t love this?

Welcome to Day 10 of our 12 Days of School Lunches! We’ve had so many fun and creative ideas so far, haven’t we? This one from Cyn of Creative Cynchronicity follows the basic principle that if you put it on a stick and give them a dipping sauce, kids are going to eat it! Of course, the fact that these “lollipops” taste like pizza doesn’t hurt either. Cyn provides you with a couple different ways to prepare them so you’re likely to find one that your kids will just love.  They make awesome after school snacks or appetizers for a party too! Get the recipe for Pizza Pinwheel Lollipops over on her blog.
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    1. well seeing as my friend made that and she lives nowhere near me I’d have to go with no. LOL It sure looks good though.

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