French Bread Pizza Recipe perfect for summer

How to Make French Bread Pizza

french bread pizza recipe

Have you ever thought about how fun and easy french bread pizza is? Oh my we eat it every now and then when I’m not in the mood to really cook. My kids love my french bread pizza and are always happy for me to be a bit to busy to cook! Next time it’s grocery store time remember this and just grab a loaf (or if you’re like my family two) of french or Italian bread and make these yummy pizza. I actually prefer the Italian bread because it’s not a hard bread.

french bread recipe ingredients

Here’s the ingredients I use:

french bread loafs
tomato sauce
parmasian arregiano

What it looks like going into the oven!

french bread pizza recipe

Slice the french bread into half lengthwise. Apply tomato sauce as much as you like. Top with your favorite ingredients. We love mushrooms, pepperoni, cheese, zuchini, peppers and veggies from the garden. Add cheese and get it ready for the oven. Preheat oven to 375* and cook for 23-28 minutes or until crisp. Enjoy! How do you like your french bread pizza? Is this something you’ve thought to make for your kids? I almost always find the bread on the mark down rack and that’s another time for sure when I’m making french bread pizza. The kids love it. We have leftovers and they devour them the next day for breakfast or lunch. Yum! A win in my book!

french bread pizza let's eat

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