Wipes are for more than cleaning babies bottoms! #ad #TripleClean @Huggies

Why are wipes for cleaning more than babies bottoms? Because they outgrow those diapers not their messes! How true is that statement?Huggies Wipes are used daily at my house. The funny thing is I don’t have babies anymore. Yes, kids are so messy…but then again some adults are too. Not that I’m talking about anyone…ahem, my husband. Wondering why I have consistently bought and used the Huggies Wipes? For one I use them to clean. And now they’re even better because they have triple clean technology to keep everything clean. What do I use them to clean you may be wondering!

triple clean wipes for dogs paws

I use them to wipe my dogs paws on a rainy day. And lately it’s rained all the time here. I mean a lot! Love that my girl helps me around the house.

My dog has some Maltese in him. Which apparently is code for I have to go potty inside the house at least once a week and sometimes more often when the rain won’t stop. Once I dispose of the waste I wipe up the floor with quite a few Huggies Wipes. That way I know the mess is cleaned up right. I mean if it cleans up diaper areas…then….you get my drift right?

huggies wipes clean chair rails and baseboards

I use them to clean baseboards and chair rails. My baseboards and chair rails always seem to get dusty. There’s nothing better than seeing them get clean with the Huggies Wipes.

huggies triple clean wipes clean everything

We use them to clean tables (inside and outside).

huggies triple clean wipes review

I use them to clean my doors. We must have extremely dirty hands. Because the area around my doorknobs get so dirty. Can I get a witness here? They have to be cleaned about once a week with those triple clean Huggies Wipes.

Using wipes to clean just makes my life easier. It’s one step and done! This wipe has thicker more refreshing triple clean layers to get the scrubbing of my dirty house done. I love that I can get a big package of them for very little money. Then I get all my house clean and my pets and their messes clean as well. We also make sure we have a package in the car for those days we’re on the go and have one of those accidents most families are known for. Whether your kids are babies or like me older you can always find many uses for Huggies wipes around the house.

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  1. Huggies wipes are so handy! I don’t have a baby but I use them all the time especially for hiking. After a few days on the trail with no possibilities of showering, it’s great to refresh a bit.

  2. I love using wipes around the house. They are quick, convenient and easy to dispose; it doesn’t hurt that they leave the house and surfaces with a fresh scent. I also travel with wipes to freshen up after long treks outside and to keep everything kosher.

  3. Thank you for opening my eyes that wipes have more variety than just wiping a babies bum! I guess these would be great when we are camping or on a long drive as there never seem sot be napkins when those little and not so little spills occur! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I don’t have children, but I’m a longtime fan of baby wipes for removing make-up, quick car cleanings, and wiping hands and tables on the go. I hadn’t considered using them for at home cleaning, but that’s brilliant!

  5. I completely agree that they are for more than babies. We actually keep them in our house, and we’re kid free. My husband uses them in the field when they are gone for a week or so in order to try to keep a little bit clean. Occasionally, I use them to clean up the counter in the bathroom in between my detailed cleaning.

  6. I used to be a teacher, and I kept a HUGE supply of baby wipes in my classroom. There isn’t anything better to clean desks with or clean up spills. They actually work really well to clean up a chalkboard too. And they are perfectly gently for sticky hands after snack time!

  7. I always make sure I have a pack of Huggies Wipes at home, in the car and in my purse. I don’t have babies anymore, but I still have little one. Kids seem to magnet dirt and I have to make sure they can clean their hands when soap and water are not available.

  8. I agree 100%! I love Huggies Wipes. I use them with my dogs all the time too! I have actually used them to clean around door handles too and they are great for taking stains out of clothes!

  9. I use wipes for all kinds of things as well. Sometimes I’ll use them for cleaning around the house. They work out great. I even use them to clean up my daughters faces and hands when they get dirty.

  10. Hello! I totally agree. While I do not have a need for baby wipes anymore. No more tots around here, I used to use them when on the road to clean the door knobs and light switches in hotel rooms. Lol. Many uses for sure.

  11. I don’t have any children, but I use baby wipes for everything! The softness is wonderful for my face!

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