Refreshing Patriotic drink recipe for your July 4th parties

fun July 4th drink

We love to make fun drinks that can compliment an occasion. I had a drink similar to this on vacation and was so excited to make my own. Here’s what we came up with. Until you taste this you have no idea how good it can be! It’s delicious, refreshing and so good! You can eliminate or add alcohol to make it an adult drink or leave it as is for a fun kids drink.

Patriotic Drink Recipes

Serving size 1 8-10oz glass

Layer 1
2 tbsp Grenadine
1 cup of Sprite
1 cup of ice

4th of July fun drink

Layer 2
1/2 cup pina mix
1 cup ice

Layer 3
1 cup of Blue raspberry koolaid
1 cup of ice

beautiful tasty July 4th drink for fun summer parties

Make each layer separate.
Set to the side.
Begin to fill the glass with the red layer first followed by white then

What are your go to drinks for summer? Have you ever tried to make a layered drink like this? I want one right now but even more so I want one in my hand at the beach with my toes in the sand. Make sure you make our Patriotic drink recipe and let me know if it was as big of a hit for you as it was for me!

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This delicious layered Patriotic drink will be perfect for your next party. The kids will love it.

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