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I have to confess I’m not the best griller. I’m just now learning. My hubby is the expert griller. But I decided it’s time for me to learn and get good at it. So I have been this summer. So far I’ve done hamburgers and this yummy Smithfield pork filet. I wish I had smellovision so you could have smelled that pork filet cooking. It smelled yummy and it tasted out of this world good!

smithfield makes grilling easy

When it’s summer I’m one that doesn’t like to heat my house up. So I’ll do anything I can to find ways to cook without heating the house. Some ways I do this are to grill outside, cook only on top of the stove, crockpot or using my rotisserie and putting it outside on my covered deck.

smithfield pork loin filet at walmart

When I picked up this Smithfield at Walmart I knew immediately I would grill it and some veggies too. We do the old fashioned grilling with charcoal and no lighter fluid. Ugh lighter fluid ruins the taste of food. So we heat up some charcoal briquets in a charcoal starter with some paper. Let that heat up for about 20 minutes and then pour it into the grill, add the grates, clean the grates and place the food there. Close the grill. Check it at 10 minute intervals (don’t want to lose too much heat).

Oh my goodness how good does this look?

Smithfield ready for the grill

I did this and sat outside with the food (never leave the grill alone) reading while it was cooking. It smelled so fabulous. Are you curious about the Smithfield pork loin filet garlic and herb seasoning like I was? Here’s a Save $2.00 on any ONE (1) Smithfield® Marinated Fresh Pork Product through this digital coupon offer.(While Supplies Last)

I grilled up some zuchinni as it cooked beside my yummy Smithfield and then served it with some amazing potato salad.

My yummy Smithfield meal

Then cook it your favorite way and enjoy a quick and easy meal. There’s nothing easier than just throwing this in the oven too. Add your favorite veggies and roast them while this cooks up. It’s so versatile and you can make it so many different ways. Why not follow Smithfield and learn more about them. Then leave me your favorite quick meal fix with Smithfield.


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