Summer Fun Activities to keep the boredom monster away!

lake in the summer

As a family we’re always looking for something fun to do during the summer. It gets so hot here. Here’s a list of fun things we love to do as a family to keep cool during these hot days.

Visit the local waterfalls or rivers. Tube around, take a picnic lunch and just stay cool in the water. We have a lot of beautiful waterfalls in Tennessee. You’d be surprised how beautiful it is here.

Get crafty. We get crafty a lot. Check out how to make your own sidewalk chalk recipe.

Find fun things to do for little money. We’ll often go to the $2 movies or just rent a redbox. You can find out more boredom busters for under $5 here. Some great tips and fun to be had.

We love to play in the water. We will do water hose or even a sprinkler. We used to have a slip n slide but that busted a few summers back. We will go to the lake which is great inexpensive fun. But there’s also fun water games and activities for kids to do too. Check them out and be cool!

Make sure you check out the 15 things that kids must do before summer ends. This will end the I’m bored comments…for a while.

summer games and activities for children

You can also make playdough for pennies, make this cute Summer wreath, or try these Summer games and activities for kids.

What are your boredom busters for Summer? How do you keep your kids entertained all summer long? Share your secret with me in a comment! Oh in case you need it here’s a remedy for swimmer’s ear!

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