Quick and Easy 4th of July kids crafts!

My girl and I have been at it again. We decided to do some July 4th crafting for ourselves and you! We did some fun salt crafts, straw fireworks and flag handprints. Check them out below.

The first one we did was a salt craft. We put white glue down and drew lines like fireworks. Then we simply added salt to the lines and then red and blue food coloring to it and let it dry. It was simple and fun. If you’re not careful it can be a bit messy though.

salt craft

I thought it turned out really cool. Ok maybe it doesn’t look like fireworks but it looks cool. Inkblot art maybe?

july 4 straw fireworks

Then we did straw fireworks or straw flags. We simply colored some paper with red, white and blue and then attached them to straws. Then rolled one of them between my hands so you can see them flap in the wind. It’s cool. Check out my video below.

That one was simple and fun to do.

The next craft was a bit iffy. It looked great on paper until we did it. Then it didn’t turn out quite right. But hey we tried and I thought I’d show it to you anyway. So you know everything we do does not turn out so good! Check out the pics below.

4th of July flag handprint craft
Looks good enough here!

4th of july crafting

Still ok looking right? Here’s where it all went so wrong. What do you think?

handprint craft july 4

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