How to get started homesteading where you are now

how to begin homesteading where you live now

I think I was born in the wrong century. I feel like as a person I need to be able to take care of myself better and take care of my family. One way you can do that is to start homesteading. I don’t mean go buy 10 acres and build a house and then homestead. No, I mean homestead where you are now. I have 1/3 acre lot. I know a lot of people who have done more with less. My plan is to begin slowly and make my land help produce food for my family.

What are some simple ways to begin homesteading?

One way is to plant your own garden. I have a garden planted and am currently growing peppers, squash, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, lettuce and so much more. I also have begun planting fruit trees. ON my 1/3 acre lot I have 2 blueberry bushes complete with netting and 2 persimmon trees. I have plans this year to purchase a nut tree as well.

Growing and caring for your own chickens is another way to start small and begin where you are. I’ve not talked my hubby into getting chickens yet. But I’m trying! I want to collect my own eggs to have the chickens eat the bugs that don’t need to be in my yard among other reasons. For now we get our eggs from my sister in law. If I can’t get my hubby on board then my next plan is to put chickens at my friend’s house who already has chickens. Then I’ll buy food and go collect eggs once every two weeks or so. Of course I’ll also help her with her upkeep of her pen by cleaning it out and doing what needs to be done.

Another thing to get your homestead up and going is rain barrels.

Gather rain barrrels and help the Earth out by utilizing the rain that falls from the sky. The fracking is seriously damaging our water resources. Those of you that aren’t worried should be. I asked on facebook if anyone has access to free 30 or 50 gallon barrels that I can turn into rain barrels. I found them at a car dealership who was only too happy to let me have them. It meant they didn’t have to dispose of them. There’s a blog post to come as we are able to turn them into rain barrels. So look for that.

Use less energy!

Put up a simple clothesline to dry your clothes. I love line drying my clothes. It’s such a small thing to do and yet I’m saving energy and utilizing the sun. I’ve got to go put a load out right now! If you’re not allowed to have one because of your HOA’s you can always simply lay your clothes over the deck or on a simple clothes line drying rack. Turn off lights, tv’s, turn off surge protectors when you leave the house. There’s so much you can do to use less energy.

Make your own cleaners, products, beauty recipes, etc. When you make your own you know exactly what’s in them and you keep the chemicals to a minimum. You are able to better keep a check on the dangerous chemicals that come into your house when you do it this way. Check out my amazing shower cleaner recipe. You also might like my laundry detergent recipe or dishwasher detergent. We’ve also made our own sugar scrubs, lotion, oatmeal soap, lip color using a crayon, lip balm recipe with ingredients in your kitchen, quick and easy foot soak recipe diy deodorant and many more!

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