Free Printable: 4th Of July Word Search

4th Of July Word Search


You know how I love printables, right?

Of course you do! So, with 4th of July approaching I figured I better get to making some printables to share. I am starting with my favorite; a word search. I love doing these word searches with my daughter. She enjoys the challenge and it also gives us time to talk about the holiday, what it means and why we celebrate. I find that word searches are a wonderful learning tool because to kids, they are a fun challenge. While they are having fun, they are also absorbing the information that you give them. 

We usually go to a cookout on the 4th of July and we will probably do this word search in the morning while we enjoy a light breakfast and talk about what we will be enjoying the rest of the day. This is a fun alternative to them eating cereal in front of the tv, lol. Afterwards, we will begin to get ready for our day. 

What activities do you normally enjoy on the 4th of July? Do your kids love printables too? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. 

Here’s your word search!

4th Of July Word Search

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    1. There’s a box you can check when you hit print that says fit to page. Try clicking that. It put it on one sheet of paper for me and looks great.

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