Wing Recipe #12daysof

12 days of bbq and picnic ideas

hot wing recipe

My family loves to eat wings. You can spice them up or down and we enjoy them all kinds of ways! Check out how my friend Pam and Victoria does their wings.

Yay!  It is day number THREE of our great BBQ event and Mom Does Reviews thinks that you are starving your BBQ guests! Are you starving them while you are grilling away?    You might be.  Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean appetizers should be tossed aside too.  Give your friends and family something to snack on while they wait with Victoria’s [hot] wings.  Start them a day in advance so all you have to do is toss them in sauce and onto the grill – serve something to your guests in less than ten minutes!!!   Check them out at Mom Does Reviews HERE.


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