Easy DIY Fathers Day Picture Frame + FREE Printable

Easy DIY Fathers Day Picture Frame + FREE Printable

DIY fathers day picture frame

Fathers Day is almost here! The time to celebrate that awesome dad in your life. Every year my daughter always makes me husband something rather than buying him something. We are firm believers in spending time with each other on holidays rather than spending money on each other. (Now mind you, we are awesome gift givers as well, but family time comes before gifts). This year she wanted to make him something he could put on his desk and work. So we headed to the store (The Dollar Tree to be exact, because it’s awesome) in search of something fun. We ended up deciding to make him an Easy DIY Fathers Day Picture Frame that we knew he would love, and then we decided to design a printable image to go in it. So today we are sharing with you how we made the picture frame plus a FREE printable for you! We hope you enjoy!

Here is my Easy DIY Fathers Day Picture Frame + FREE Printable:

fathers day picture frame needs

You Will Need:

Fathers Day Picture FrameThis project is super super simple! The kids can probably do it all by themselves as long as they can safely use a hot glue gun. You will take your rocks and hot glue them around the picture frame. You can use any type of rocks you want! Do make sure that they are light and not too much bigger than the frame so it doesn’t weigh it down.

My Dad Rocks Frame


After you make your picture frame, have the kids sign the printable and secure it in the frame, that’s it! In about 4 minutes you have a super cute Fathers Day gift that he is sure to get a kick out of!

How do you celebrate Fathers Day at your house?

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