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chase 54 clothing review

When my husband was asked to pick some clothes out from Chase 54 he was excited. He went right to work picking an outfit out. The site was easy to navigate and the checkout process was quick and simple. He had absolutely no trouble finding clothes he wanted. I think we ordered on Monday and we had the clothes before Friday.

I received an outfit courtesy of CHASE54 and Mom Buzz Media in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed above are my own and are not influenced in any way. There was no additional monetary compensation received.

The clothes arrived and we quickly washed them up. They wash and wore great. He had them on and was commenting on how soft the fabric was. Making me “Come here so you can feel it”. So I did. They are some of the softest shorts I’ve ever felt. I’d wear those shorts every day just to feel them if I was him. LOL He’s happy with the length of the shorts. He likes the shirt and the fact that it’s a polo makes it something he can actually wear to work. So that was a definite plus. Here’s some information about their shirts. Check out his outfit and then check out the positives of the clothing below!

golf clothes review with chase 54

They use DRYFUZE™ SORONA by DUPONT™ yarn which combines extreme moisture wicking, which makes it quick drying for their ultra comfort. Their Sorona yarn is a renewable fiber produced from corn and has a low carbon footprint. The superior color fastness allows it to maintain color through time and is inherently stain resistant. I love the stain resistance aspect. It has stretch to it that allows you full mobility to swing and yet restores it’s shape after washing. Self collar with removable collar stays to keep collar points down. He loves that he can use the collar stays to keep it down. It has topstitching at shoulders, armholes, and side seams for extra re-inforcement. It carries a rating of UPF 30+ and provides dependable protection under the glaring sun. That will be great as we head to the beach. “YOUR FIT” is neither baggy nor fitted and it fit him nicely.

All in all my husband was very happy with the men’s apparel he chose from Chase 54. Make sure you come back. On June 1st we’ll be hosting a giveaway for 2 winners! You’ll also get a great discount of 59% off with a special code you use. I’ll post the giveaway here on June first so just check back!

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  1. Those are really nice duds. I love that shirt!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    That is a nice looking outfit. It would be good for a casual dinner out or to wear to a party!

  3. He looks great! I really love the stain resistant feature, what a life-saver!

  4. Ronda Ogilvie says:

    Awesome review! Looks like a nice outfit you can wear casual or dress it up for a night out!

  5. Jacqui Odell says:

    I like those shirts! I bet my husband would too.

  6. Christy Maurer says:

    That’s a really nice outfit. I am not sure if my son would wear these or not, but maybe my dad would!

  7. Tonya C says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Liz Mays says:

    It’s great that they are super comfortable and nice enough for him to wear to work. It sounds like they were a great choice!

  9. Chrissy says:

    I love that comfy casual look on a man. That shirt looks great on him!

  10. Those are some nice clothes! My husband will have to check it out. He’s pretty picky when it comes to clothing!

  11. Melissa says:

    My husband would like this outfit as well. Looks both comfy and nice enough to go out in:)

  12. michele d says:

    Never heard of them before now. My husband needs new clothes for our vacation. I’ll be sure to look them up. Thank you

  13. Bonnie @ wemake7 says:

    What a cool outfit. I could see my husband wearing that too. I will have to check out their website. Thanks.

  14. Krystal says:

    I am loving that style. My husband would like that too. Very cool.

  15. He chose a handsome outfit, and it’s fun that he got excited about picking it out! Really like the stain resistance and moisture wicking for quick drying ultra comfort and great that they leave no carbon footprint

  16. That is a great outfit and it looks good on him! I definitely need to get some of these clothes for my hubby!

  17. Yona Williams says:

    My sweetie likes clothes made with a quick-dry material too, and clothes that are stain resistant would be really good for my Dad. Your hubby picked out good styles!

  18. If my husband play golf, I would consider this as they look great quality clothing. I will sugfgest this to our neighbor who is a golfer.

  19. This looks really nice! I think my dad would love great in these, hes used to just wearing plain clothes, I would like to see him in something nice like this.

  20. Jacqueline says:

    OMG, the second “modeling” picture of your hubby- what a good sport! My boyfriend wants no part of blog lol, except maybe free food we get as samples occasionally. He looks ready for some golf! Buy him a round for being such a good model 🙂

  21. Chase 54 seems like a nice brand. I like the shirt.

  22. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    That is a great outfit. I will have to check out Chase 54 for some clothes for my son.

  23. Erin Kennedy says:

    Such a good sport of your hubs to be your fashion model. I had to do a post like that with my hubs and he begrudgingly agreed. He looks great! Such a great model!

  24. What a stylish dude!! I will tell my Dad to check this out, it seems right up his alley!!