What’s the big deal with Bruce Jenner?

What’s the big deal going on with Bruce Jenner?

what's the big deal with bruce jenner

Did you watch the Bruce Jenner report by Diane Sawyer on Friday night? 

I had no clue in the last few years this was even coming? No clue. He was always the most masculine man I could imagine. I’m a bit clueless to  begin with though. I don’t often follow celebs or their kids. I always believe in live and let live and what they do doesn’t affect what I do so why should I care? We should all care about what Bruce is going through. It’s important to our culture and this world we live in now. 

I had a huge crush on Bruce Jenner when I was a small child. He was so handsome running in the Olympics and competing in all those events. Javelin, discus, he was the epitome of manliness. Wasn’t he? It pains and saddens me to know he’s been fighting with himself all these years. I’m so glad that he feels in this day and age that he can now finally be who he/she wants to be. It’s got to really suck to have your body tell you you’re one gender and your brain to tell you another. Bruce, I see great things happening because of what the strength and courage you’re showing right now and what you’re doing. 

Did you watch the 20/20 Diane Sawyer report? I found it really interesting and insightful into what Bruce allowed us to see.  It was just a tiny glimpse into what he’s been going through. Can you imagine how long he’s kept who he is away from the world and his family? Can you imagine how hard that must be to not be who you are? I can’t. I just can’t. I’m me. I’m the only me there is. If I’m not me then who will be me? No one. He, after 65 years, gets to finally be who he is.  I applaud you Bruce for taking the chance and stepping out from behind the mask to be who you really are. I applaud you for knowing that this is right and now is the time to do what is right for you. I applaud your loving family for getting it and understanding that your happiness is what truly matters. May you be a shining light for others and give others the courage to be who they truly are. May you be happy in yourself and in your life. I had a friend growing up who I think went through this. I never asked I always just loved him for who he was and had fun with him. He’s now a she and I’m so happy that he’s content and knows who he is. The pronouns do get confusing though! Let’s have that talk with our children. Let’s teach them what love looks like. Have you ever had a friend go through something so dramatic?

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  1. I’ve never had a friend go through this although I have helped a friend through her “coming out” and still continue to support her when her family still wont. I think this is a terribly important topic today and hope that parents discuss it with their children who are old enough to understand so that we can stop the hate and all the misunderstanding that goes along with it.

    1. We should all be supportive and understanding. I can’t imagine how hard this is to go through. If you can’t go through it with those that love you then how will you get through it at all?

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