How to live without your gall bladder a true story

Gall Bladder Surgery Now What

How I learned to live without my gall bladder

It was the absolute worst heartburn I had ever had. That was my main symptom. What I didn’t realize was I was having other symptoms such as what felt like cramping all month long. I’m at the age where I thought weird but I’m cramping all month long now. Turns out that it was my gall bladder going bad. Who knows how long it had been going bad. Years would be my guess. By the time I finally went to the ER they admitted me immediately and did surgery that day. I was in and out in 6 hours. I know so many people who had the surgeries and were fine. My recovery was slow. I’m guessing it was more diseased than other peoples. I had family who was up and cleaning the next day after their gall bladder surgery. I was on the couch and on day 10 of recovery wondering if I was ever going to feel normal again. The good news is I began to feel better the next day. So make sure you don’t compare your recovery with others. Your gall bladder and theirs are two entirely different organs. 

What the doctor didn’t tell me about gall bladder surgery.

What you need to know about losing your gall bladder! You can’t eat fat like you used to. You can’t eat salad like you used too. I have problems with both of those. I still eat fried chicken occasionally but it’s better if I fry it myself. I love a good salad I just know that the next day I will need to stay close to a bathroom. No one told me I need to take fiber pills but I do. They are my saving grace. They kind of glue everything together if you will. I take the kind that’s called methylcellulose. See picture below! 

fiber pills for after gall bladder surgery

These are great fiber pills. As long as you remember to take them every day you should be fine. You can live a great life without your gall bladder. My first picture above is of me and my son in Rome, Italy at the Vatican. You can do great things and be fine without your gall bladder. Just don’t forget to take your fiber pill. I’m not a doctor I’m just sharing what worked for me. Always consult your doctor and read the instructions on the bottle before you take any medication. This May it will have been 2 years gall  bladder free! Not the way I saw my life going but I’m doing fine without it. Do you have your gall bladder still? Leave me a comment and let me know so I can be jealous of you with your gall bladder! LOL

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