St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and the perfect Shamrock Cookie Recipe without a cookie cutter!

My girl and I love to craft. So we set about to do some simple crafts for St. Patrick’s Day and make a quick recipe for you! The first one we did is a simple preschool or early elementary craft! It’s a buttercup craft. Check it out below. 

Preschool Buttercup Crafts

It was so simple. We made a stencil for the buttercup flower. Then cut it out of construction paper. Added and glued down a cupcake liner (the one we used was a mini cupcake liner). Last we painted stems. If you’re studying a certain number you can add that like we did with the number 4. Super simple and a great way to try to bring on Spring, don’t cha think? 

buttercup craft with cupcake liners

Next we did a fun wine cork craft that made a cute shamrock stamp. 

wine cork crafts .

This was super easy to do also. You can ask for wine corks they make great stamps. I just rubber banded 3 together. Then dipped them in green paint and stamped it on paper a few times. My girl did that and then she painted a few stems. Super easy and fun for the kids!

Then last we wanted to make some shamrock cookies but we didn’t have shamrock cookie cutters. So we made shamrock shaped cookies without the cutters. 

shamrock cookies without a cookie cutter

Look I’m a busy mom. So sometimes I use a cookie mix. It happens. I still have fun with my kids cooking with me. My girl and I made these cookies according to the cookies instructions. But we added about 10 drops of green food coloring. 

shamrock cookies ingredients

Combine ingredients and we shall mix! 

shamrock cookies

And mix the ingredients. 

shamrock cookies

Then we just rolled them into 3 balls of dough and one tiny snake. To make the shamrock shaped cookies. 

the perfect shamrock cookie without a cookie cutter

Added some yummy green sugar to the cookies a few minutes before they came out of the oven. That made the perfect shamrock cookie without using a cookie cutter. Tada! So simple. Have you made cookie shapes without using a cookie cutter? Which shape? 

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