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Raising Kids to Thrive Book Review

For any parent who’s wondering if they’re doing a good job this book is for you. It gives you clear expectations of the right and wrong way to help raise children. There’s so many things that can go wrong. Raising Kids to Thrive is a great handbook for raising children to balance love with expectations and protection with trust! Trusted pediatrician Ken Ginsburg has been guiding families for years beginning with his book Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Kids Roots and Wings. He understands families and he understands children. He brings his expertise to help us normal parents understand how to interact and deal with each of our children. 

Raising Kids to High Expectations

He helped me realize how I can hold my child to high expectations while still letting them fail and be kids. We can’t all be perfect nor should we. But we can strive for those high expectations and still allow them to fall. We will be there to pick them up and let them know the only way to learn is to fail. We also need them to learn their own lessons. Yes we can teach lessons to them. But them learning them on their own is the only way for it to be meaningful to them. My kids have always listened to me. But listening to me and understanding why it should be done that way is two entirely different stories. They learn when it’s meaningful to them. That’s when they gain  knowledge and power when they understand why you need to start a project a week before instead of staying up until 4am finishing it in one day. Until they do that and figure that out it’s just words I’m saying. I so understand my kids and when they need to fall and learn it themselves now. I get it. I will hold them to high expectations but let them do the learning, failing and thriving themselves. That’s when it’s meaningful to them and they get it. I love that this book uses quotes from kids in what lessons they learned on their own. That’s when it really makes sense that we need to be able to let our kids fail. It’s a stressful world and we need our kids to be able to deal with this world. 

Raising Kids to Thrive is an excellent resource to have in your parenting toolkit. Get yours today! 




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