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younique mascara review


Let me start by saying I think I have pretty long lashes. They’re not short by any means. But they’re not as long as they look in this picture. I went and had lunch with my hubby yesterday and had the Younique mascara on and my husband even noticed. I asked him, ” what is different about my face?”. His response, “uh your lashes have never been that long. What did you do?” So then I got to share with him what my friend Michelle shared with me. I love that it’s not false eyelashes. Michelle gave me my first Younique to try and then to review it for you. It was a simple three step process. 

You first put on the transfer gel. Before that dries you add the Younique fibers to your lashes and that is what makes them longer. Then you add the gel on top of the fibers. So, gel, fibers, gel! I have very sensitive skin and I’ve not had any issues with it. Always check with your doctor before trying any product. This is my new go to eye product. I absolutely love it. I think it makes such a difference. Check out Michelle’s website and order some for yourself. I will be purchasing more of this. I had no idea that something like this would make me want to put on make up again! What do you think about the pic below? One eye has the younique and the other eye has naked lashes. 

With Younique and

Looking at this picture it’s kind of hard to tell. That’s cause my eyes want to close. Ugh. But the left has a more defined eye and the younique on it. The right just has eyeliner and eyeshadow. I’m loving the new way to wear lashes. Thanks Michelle for sharing them with me. I’ll be back when this runs out! 



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