Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise #12daysof

chocolate easter bunny surprise

My kids love to get all that candy in their easter baskets. This is going go be something I’m going to do this year. Check out how cool Pam over at Mom Does reviews is. You’re gonna want to do this with your kids too! 

Welcome back to day number eight of our ‪#‎12DaysOf‬ Easter Crafts and Recipes!  We have seen so many amazing recipes the past few days, but today we bring you something a little more edible craft than recipe.  This will be exceptionally helpful for those who prefer the “wow” without all the work.

Do you like those big hollow Easter Bunnies?  Mom Does Reviews thinks a hollow bunny can be a big disappointment to little ones, so Victoria set out make it better from this Easter on!  Her daughter’s love for surprise reveal eggs inspired her make a Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise!  Once your little one opens up their, usually hollow, bunny and discovers all of the goodies inside – he/she will be thrilled!

Stop by Mom Does Reviews to learn how to stuff your bunny full of goodies. Be sure to check out the rest of our fantastic friends’ Easter crafts and recipes below:





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