5 Ways to jumpstart your Weight loss #ad

As a busy mom of 3 I’m constantly working on keeping my weight in check. I found these 5 ways to help you jumpstart your weight loss work as well for me as anything else I’ve tried. So check out what I did to help me get some weight off. 

5 ways to jumpstart your weight loss


1. Increase your water intake. When you first get up drink warm lemon water. Before eating or anything else have your lemon water in the morning. As the day goes on drink water for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sugary drinks increase weight. 

2. Grab healthy snacks if you’re hungry and on the go. I grab Yoplait Greek Whips and add some protein to it. Grab some yummy walnuts, almonds or mix in cottage cheese with your whipped greek yogurt. The more protein you eat the fuller you will feel. 

3. Eat celery with peanut butter as an energy booster or snack to tide you over to dinner. This is one of my staples in my weight control formula. It just works. It’s great fiber to keep you full and continue to let the weight drop. 

4. Work out consistently. You can walk 30 minutes a day or do a dvd. You can even find work out videos on youtube. Working out doesn’t have to cost a dime. Just move! Better yet keep a pedometer on you so you know if you’ve met your 10000 steps for the day. Aim for 3-5 days a week of moving but remember to not increase your calories when you do move!

5. Eat 3 meals a day at a set time. Then set yourself a cut off time to eat. I stop eating after dinner. If I have dessert it’s usually a Yoplait Greek Whip and I have it right after dinner. This way my food intake has stopped and that ensures that you are not eating junk when you’re through with dinner. This is a great way to spring into getting ready for those fun summer days! 

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