Will Obamacare Negatively Affect The Insurance Industry

will obamacare negatively affect the insurance industry

Will Obamacare Negatively Affect The Insurance Industry

Recently, there has been a major uproar throughout all sectors of American society concerning the recent Affordable Health Care Act sponsored by President Obama. Many commentators, from radio talk show hosts to leading executives of the insurance industry, have weighed in on the matter. As yet, however, no national consensus has been reached concerning whether the Obamacare initiative will have an ultimately positive or negative affect on the quantity and quality of insurance that American citizens can look forward to.

The Effect Of Obamacare On The National Insurance Industry

Although many pundits have sounded the alarm bells regarding the adoption of the new Obamacare policies, the truth is that these policies are not specifically designed to crash the national insurance industry, any more than they are going to force health care providers to create fictitious “death panels” in order to choose the most worthy subject to receive medical attention.

Leading insurance experts, such as Delphi CEO Robert Rosenkranz, have gone on record in order to reassure the public that the quality of their insurance policies, as well as the fees they pay to receive them, are not going to be adversely affected by the new policies. Although the Obamacare legislation is destined to remain highly controversial for the remainder of the President’s administration, the jury is still out for the moment regarding whether the panic is truly justified.

Is The Panic Over Incoming Obamacare Truly Justified?

Many people are wondering where exactly the panic over the recent adoption of the Obamacare policies is coming from. Is the vigorous rejection of these policies in some quarters merely a matter of partisan political gamesmanship? Or are there grievous faults in the new system that are being willfully ignored? As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. 
The fact of the matter is that insurance companies are, in general, not overly worried about the “glut” of new American health care policies that are about to opened. While some industry leaders may balk over the legality of requiring previously uninsured Americans to take out a new coverage policy or be penalized for their failure to do so, the fact remains that the industry is about to receive a massive influx of new clients – and a corresponding influx of revenue.

Reassuring The Public, One Customer At A Time

In the end, the current flap over the Affordable Health Care Act is bound to enter history as a notable controversy that was ultimately survived, outlived, and more or less forgotten about. However, in the short term, it is extremely important to reassure the American public that their constitutional right to choose their own health care and insurance provider is not under attack, or in danger of being legally rescinded.

While President Obama has undoubtedly clashed with some major business groups and leaders, the fact remains that his relations with the American insurance industry remain, on the whole, cordial and productive. Leaders of the insurance industry, such as Delphi Financial Group, have been, on the whole, supportive of the Affordable Health Care Act. There is no reason to assume that the plan will cause a crash in the insurance industry, or that the quality of your basic health care coverage is destined to be negatively affected in any way.

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