Vimbly helps you find classes to take and things to do in your area! #ad

Vimbly find things to do in your city
Visiting or living in NYC can be an awesome experience. It’s the city that never sleeps and once you see everything it has to offer you’ll know why it never sleeps. I mean, who the heck has time to sleep when there is so much to see and do? While this might seem fun and exciting it can also be quite overwhelming. With so much to do, how do you choose?

That’s where Vimbly comes in. Vimbly is a really cool site that allows you to search for things to do. From wine tasting to pizza making to learning how to DJ, you can find just about anything a particular city has to offer and book directly. Vimbly is based out of NYC, currently operates in 18 major US cities and expects to establish a national presence in 2015.

When you log in to Vimbly you can search by categories such as learn, explore, eat, drink and watch or search for something specific. I searched for pizza and Vimbly found several different activities and classes to attend. I really like the idea of the Artisan Pizza Making class. You get to make your own dough and then customize your pizza and taste it when it’s done. That sounds like just the class for me!

Vimbly is so easy to use, it’s like a friend that knows what you love and is just making some suggestions. (So cool!) Put an end to the Google searches (you know the ones, when you start with a search of things to do in NYC and end up 2 hours later reading an article about the benefits of breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding instead. If you are like me then you have definitely done this, lol.) Hop on over to Vimbly and see how fast and easy it is to find and book (all in one place!) something fun to do.


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