Hapimomi makes my life easier #ad

Hapimomi sponsored this conversation. The honest opinions and reviews are my own.

As a busy mom of three I’m often forgetting things. I forget to pick up milk. I forget to wash my son’s pants for karate. The list of what I forget goes on for days. The hapimomi app takes care of all that for me. They have a calendar that families can share. I can set up reminders to wash his uniform and pick up the dry cleaning and schedule them to reoccur weekly in the calendar app. Check out the different pics of the app areas below.

hapimomi app review

That’s where I set up my Karate reminder. I mean it happens at the same time every week. Why not make an event to remind me to wash his uniform??

Then I made my grocery list. 

shopping list hapimomi

I love that I can share this with my husband. So if he runs in somewhere he knows what we need grocery wise. How awesome is that? Next I made a to do list. We all need dentist appointments. So I made them yesterday.

hapimomi app

Then again it is shared with my hubby so he knows when we all have appointments. We also scheduled our eye exams and that is in there as well. He knows that it’s Saturday at 9:15 and he’ll have all the kids there even while I’m out of town. Thank goodness for an app that makes my life so much easier. We even share contacts. So if I was to throw him a surprise party he’d never know and I’d have access to his friends. Whoop whoop! It’s a win for me and him! Check out the Hapimomi app on iTunes. 

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