How to lose weight and still eat great!

How to lose weight and still eat great!

With the new year comes new promises to lose weight and keep it off. Why not just try to lose a reasonable 10 pounds and then set another goal when this one is reached? Or decide that you are going to walk a mile a day for 20 days or work out 20 days in a row. Let’s start a movement to move. Then we can implement some other changes and get some weight off too! Here’s what I plan on doing!

1. Cutting back on soda for 21 days until I’m off it entirely. I do not recommend drinking diet soda as that is a neurotoxin and so bad for your health and kidneys.

2. Adding 2 glasses of water with lemon a day for the first week then upping it until that’s all I’m drinking.

3. Cut out chips and as much processed food as I can while still eating a nice variety of foods.

4. Add in more fruits and vegetables starting at two servings of each per day. You get much  more nutrient dense food and hunger relief when you eat the fruit and vegetables rather than drinking them in a juice. 

5. Add in more nuts as a snack to replace the “granola bars or protein bars”. Nuts have so much protein and good fats that this should be our go to snack.

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