15 Money Saving Strategies for Winter

15 money saving strategies for winter


15 Money Saving Strategies for Winter

If you’re like me your expenses goes up during winter. With the extra heat needed, the fact that it is so much colder causes you to drip your water so it doesn’t freeze and that causes bills to go up. There’s so many reasons prices go up in winter and more money is needed to run the house! Let’s see if we can’t strategize and use these 15 money saving strategies to save our moula this winter! 

1. Keep the thermostat on 68 and layer up. With a set temperature in the house you know that the temperature inside won’t fluctuate. Did you know you sleep better when it’s cooler in the house? 

2. Put blankets or towels at your doorways to keep the cold air from coming in under the door. 

3. Wrap your outside faucet heads with those styrofoam blocks found at home improvement stores to keep them from freezing this winter. That is a mess to clean up and fix.

4. When making a meal make two and freeze one so you have dinner on those crazy nights and do not have to eat out.

5. When the weather cools to less than 20* outside make sure you leave your water dripping. If your pipes freeze then you will have a huge mess. Do this and save yourself a headache, money and a nightmare.

6. After making a meal using your oven leave your oven door open and let the heat escape to heat up your room. Unless you have small children then this is not for you to do! 

7. Leave your cabinet doors where a sink is open on nights it drops to less than 20*. This is another way to let your pipes stay warm and not freeze.

8. Make your coffee at home it is so much less than buying it out in the morning and it saves you time too!

9. Instead of going to the movies, make a pizza night at home and watch netflix or amazon.

10. Check your insurance rates and see if you can get it cheaper somewhere else. It pays to shop around. If you still need to cut back you can also raise your deductible. 

11. Avoid eating out by having crockpot freezer meals on hand. It pays to make ahead and freeze them for later. 

12. Make your own birthday cakes for family and friends. Sure it’s just $20 but every penny needs to count!

13. Write out a budget and stick to it. It’s best to use cash when you’re focusing on getting out of debt. That way there’s never a penny going somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

14. Start now making gifts for next year at Christmas or for birthdays. People really appreciate a nice homemade gift.

15. Use this money saving method so that you don’t have to worry about next year’s Christmas at all. 52 weeks to saving money.

What money saving tips do you have for winter? Leave me a comment and share with us! 

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  1. Incorporate more beans into your cooking instead of meat. It’s cheaper, healthier, better for the environment and saves animals.

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