How to clean your home safely for the holidays

How to Clean Your Home Safely for the Holidays

As a stay at home wife and mother, I always worry about the products that I use for cleaning around the house. With only one of my three kids currently in school and two dogs at home, I know that certain products can significantly impair their health. The next time that you pick up something as simple as a carpet or window cleaner, you might find yourself surprised when you look at the ingredient listing. Now that the holidays are right around the corner, I compiled a list of some easy ways for others to clean their homes safely.

Get Rid of Odors

No matter how often we take the dogs for a walk or let them outside, accidents still happen. We also wake sometimes and find that they had accidents in the middle of the night. Even after cleaning, those odors can linger in the air. One of the best and safest products that remove odors is baking soda. Pour a small amount in a bowl with a wide surface. Let the bowl sit in the room to pull odors out of the air. Adding a few cinnamon sticks or dried lemon leaves can leave behind a fresh scent.

Clean Windows and Glass Surfaces

Ordinary distilled white vinegar is one of those miracle products that you might already have in your pantry. It’s strong enough to cut through everything from grease streaks on my glass range to those dried streaks on my windows. I pour a small amount in a plastic spray bottle, add a few drops of essential oil and shake well. Spray the mixture on any glass surfaces, and wipe away with a damp or dry cloth. If the vinegar is a little too strong for your little ones, try diluting the vinegar with a small amount of water.

Take Care of Carpets and Rugs

I tried dozens of ways to remove those tiny food spills and other stains before giving up and throwing in the towel. After looking at dozens of carpet cleaning companies, I settled on Green Choice Carpet. This expert area rug cleaning company uses safe and natural methods and supplies to remove ground in dirt and old stains. The company can even clean upholstery and remove odors left behind by pets and kids. With professional carpet cleaning, a little vinegar and some baking soda, I can safely clean my home for the holidays and throughout the year.

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  1. Baking soda has so many uses from cleaning to deodorizing. It actually was National Baking Soda Day just recently.

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