Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Crafts crayon or pencil holder

thanksgiving pilgrim hat craft

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Craft for kids

My girl is a born crafter. She loves to create. When we got into the kitchen and she saw what we were doing she was like “okay mom I got this”. Never asked for my help after I cut the bottom of the cup out. That’s all the help she asked for. It was so simple to do. Even an 8 year old can do it.

Items needed for Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Craft

 Here’s what you need:

black party cup from the dollar store, black construction paper, yellow construction paper, scissors, hot glue

Here’s what my girl did: 

pilgrim hat craft

Cut out the bottom of the cup. Trace a circle around the perimeter of the cup making it about an inch wider than the cup.

pilgrim hat craft


Cut a square of black to go around the hat. Cut a strip of yellow and then a rectangle of yellow with the insides cut out. Assemble and hot glue into a pilgrim’s hat. 

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Craft


Crafting at Thanksgiving is a great way to make the time go faster for the kids while they are waiting for that yummy dinner. What cute craft ideas are you doing with your kids this Thanksgiving?

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46 Replies to “Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Crafts crayon or pencil holder”

  1. This is such a cute craft, and I love that it pulls double duty as both a pencil holder and a decoration. My kids would have loved to make this when they were younger.

  2. What a fun and easy craft. I will have to make this with my kids as a Thanksgiving activity. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a cute Thanksgiving craft for kids! I can see why it was easy and therefore well received by your daughter. My 4 year old may enjoy this too!

  4. That is so cute. I have a few Thanksgiving crafts lined up for my youngest and I to work on. I will have to add this to our list.

  5. Such a cute idea for the kids. I remember making these kinds of things in Sunday School (goodness my gram kept them forever too .. .cuz grandma’s are nice that way 😉 ).

  6. I don’t really plan crafts or much of anything else on Thanksgiving. Ours is always full of drama and rushed. We have to share half the day with kiddo’s mom and step dad. So it makes things hectic because times change every year.

  7. Oh, how cute! A great craft for the kids to do, too! I need to craft more…

  8. What a fun craft idea, I love new projects to do with the kids. We love taking out all our crafting items, cover the dining room table and just be creative. This is something I will try with them!

  9. I love this idea and something that I can do with my grandchildren , we love doing crafts and am always looking for different ideas 🙂 thanks for share

  10. It turned out darling!!! Stopping by from Pinterest Brag party. Pinned to my craft board group. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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