Snowman donut craft is great for parties!


Snowman Donut craft great for parties


Snowman Donut Craft is great for school parties

My kids are already dreaming of snow. Here in Tennessee we don’t get a lot of snow. We get a little snow and the towns freak and close completely down. It’s pretty funny. Check out our new snowman…since we can’t make one out of snow we made it out of donuts! Isn’t that a cute and easy snowman to make? It would be super simple to have kids assemble at a school party as a center or station. Here’s what you need:

Ingredients for the Snowman Donut Craft


white powdered donuts

tootsie rolls (chocolate and orange)

Another idea for the nose would be a candy corn.

vanilla icing

Directions for putting the snowman donut together!

Glue the donuts together with a little bit of icing. Stack them up three tall. Using icing as your glue glue on cut pieces of tootsie roll for eyes, nose, buttons and hat. Done. What a simple project but it would make a great station at a party at school. Simple and the kids would love it. Can you see the kids in your kids classes enjoying this simple activity. I know we enjoyed making them and eating them. Of course we ate them with milk and I have to say that eating them was the best part. What activities are your kids looking forward to doing this winter?

So cute and so easy to make. Check out my snowman donut craft, my easy snowman creamer bottle craft, my snowman rice krispy treat and my preschool ornaments post if you’re looking for more things snowman.


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