Easy Snowman craft for kids

Easy Snowman Craft

Easy Snowman Craft using a creamer bottle

I am forever trying to come up with things to do with what is normally termed trash. I want there to be a second life for a lot of these items. What better way than to craft with them? My girl and I have so much fun crafting together. This one we did without purchasing anything. It was all from items we already had. Of course we do craft so sometimes that means we may have items used previously in other fun crafting gigs. Here’s what is needed to make this fun, easy snowman craft.

easy snowman craft

Items needed: 

creamer bottle, washed and dried

white paint

black sharpie

fun Christmas sock

Here’s how we did our easy snowman craft.

easy snowman craft

We put 2 tbs of white paint (I used the apple kind found at walmart any craft paint should work) in the creamer bottle. Then she shook it off all over the kitchen. Dancing and having a good time getting the inside of the bottle coated. The great thing about this craft is you don’t have to let it dry. It doesn’t matter because the paint is on the inside and the face is on the outside. 

Step two Draw face and buttons on front of creamer bottle.

Step three Add fun Christmas or Winter sock. 

Step four And this is the most important step. Admire your work. 

Ta Da! 

And the piece des resistance…

easy snowman craft


So cute and so easy to make. Check out my snowman donut craft, my snowman rice krispy treat and my preschool ornaments post if you’re looking for more things snowman.

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  1. I must say, you are pretty creative. I have a lot of these too and maybe I should do this with my girls since they love crafting as well

  2. omg how cute is this,, I would have never thought about using my empty creamer bottle for something like this,,, now another plan for the grandchildren’s craft day.. lol now I just need 8 of them lol Thanks for share

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