Cute and Easy Turkey craft

Looking for a cute and easy Turkey craft to do with the kids on Thanksgiving?

It’s fun to craft if you can use very little prepurchased items. I know as a mom of young kids I hardly ever had any extra money to spend on crafting with them. Here’s a craft or two that you can do with very little out of pocket money! 

Here’s the items needed: two or three large leafs, googly eyes, cut out beak paper clip legs.

And the instructions are: Hot glue leaves together, hot glue eyes and beak on, hot glue paper clips as legs. Done.

What a cute and easy Turkey craft to do at any time.

And the finished design.

leaf turkey 1


What a cute and easy Turkey craft that you can do around the table on Thanksgiving day. 

Do you find things to do to keep the kids happy while dinner is cooking on Thanksgiving? What do you do with the kids during the wait time?

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