Halloween Party Activities for kids


halloween party activities for kids

Halloween Party Activities for Kids

There are lots of games that kids can play at a Halloween party. They can go apple bobbing, have a dance contest or a best costume contest. Those are fun but I think that kid’s Halloween party activities are even more exciting when they are a real hands on experience.

It’s pretty simple to set up activity centers for the kids and they will love to go from one center to the next to find a new activity. Here are some activity ideas for your centers.


Pumpkin Painting Center

Have a pumpkin for each child (real or made from construction paper), paint and paintbrushes set up. Each kid gets to decorate their own pumpkin and take it home with them.


Worksheet Center

Print some of these awesome Halloween printables, set out some pencils and crayons and make this center fun and educational.


Cookie Decorating Center

Bake a large batch of sugar cookies and set out icing and sprinkles. The kids will enjoy decorating and sharing their cookies.


Slime Lab Center

Set up the ingredients for this Slime Recipe and watch the fun happen. This hands on activity is so much fun to make and play with. Let them take their slime home in a sandwich or snack bag.


Spooky Scary Reading Center

I like the last center to be a group reading center. Pick a scary story to read to the kids or have them take turns reading out loud (don’t make it too scary for little ones). Having this as the last center helps kids to wind down from the excitement and makes reading fun for them.

 It’s easy and inexpensive to set up centers for Halloween party activities. I also think it’s a lot more fun than just playing music and games. The kids will enjoy the party without realizing that you slipped some educational things in their activities because they will be too busy having a great time.

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