Pillsbury Melts Review Cookies so yummy they melt in your mouth! #PillsburyMelts #ad @PlatefullCoOp

Pillsbury Melts Review

Pillsbury Melts Review

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I’m pretty sure I’ve never melt, I mean met a cookie that I didn’t like. This bake and take cookies that Pillsbury has come out with… this we LOVE.  Why did we enjoy them? First of all they’re easy to make. We bought them straight from the refridgerated section of our grocery store. Then my kids took them out of the package and baked them.  Yes, my kids made them. Bonus! We used the drizzle package to put the icing on the top and to be honest I’m not sure it needed it. The cookies were pretty tasty by themselves. But we all enjoyed them with the drizzle on them also. They were ooey and gooey in the center. This was the Pillsbury Melts smores kind and we have to try the molten kind next. I’m in need of a chocolate fix so that could be as early as this afternoon. I’m not kidding. Make sure you follow our sponsor on facebook!

My children’s opinion of these yummy cookies were that there should be more in the package. Or maybe I should have had less kids? Either way the kids got two a piece and my hubby and I had one…ok I may have had 2. Don’t judge. You didn’t taste the molten ooey gooey goodness that the smores cookies brought to the table and then to my mouth. Truth be known I may be more in love then the kids. These cookies rocked our world. I’ll brb I have to go make more…


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