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hersheys yogurt


Hershey’s Yogurt Review

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

We eat a lot of yogurt in our home. My kids can go through it fast. We normally get the greek yogurt with fruit. But I saw these Hershey’s Yogurts and I had to try them. My daughter was the first one to take a bite and she really loved it. I, as a mom, love that she is eating a healthy snack with no artificial colors in the yogurt. Nothing like a bright orange yogurt or nice green yogurt. Is that the natural color of yogurt? Uh no.  The lady in line behind me at the check out even commented that there were no artificial colors in this yogurt. People are so much more aware of what we are consuming now adays. No one needs that coloring to get my kids to eat yogurt. My 17 year old gobbled it up the Hershey’s yogurt too. He is a fan. Of course he is a fan of chocolate too. Who isn’t?  Am I right?

hersheys yogurt review

Unfortunately for me I am on a low carb diet so I was not able to partake of this yummy goodness. But looking at the photos right now has me wanting to go try another flavor. Like the whoppers flavor? What? They didn’t have the whoppers one at my store but I bet it is yummy. Whoppers are a weakness of mine. They also have a cookies and cream one too.  So run out and see about getting some Hershey’s yogurts in all the yummy flavors. 

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