5 ways to spoil a working dad

how to spoil a working dad

5 ways to spoil a working dad

Working dads, whether at home or out of the home working, aren’t that different from working moms when it comes to needing a little attention and TLC. You can make dad breakfast in bed, or take him out to eat at his favorite restaurant, but if you want to do something really neat, check out these tips. September 16th is National Celebrating Working parents Day, so celebrate the hard-working dad in your life by spoiling him a bit.

Do his chores

Many guys get a “Honey Do” list from their wives- and many guys roll their eyes about it, but still mark off the items on weekends an din their spare time. Why not mark off the items for him? If the yard needs mowing, do it! If the washer needs fixing… you may need to call in some reinforcements, but handle it on your own so dad doesn’t have to.

Give him a night out

Just like women like time alone, so do men! Give him a guy’s night out with his buddies and don’t check up on him every ten minutes. This means no texting, no calling, don’t even tag him on Facebook! Let him have a night out, away from all of his responsibilities, and come home refreshed and renewed. Trust that if he needs you he will call you and that he is an adult and can take care of himself- even if you have to remind him where his car keys are every morning.

Cook for him

So many times the family gets to eat those healthy meals that mom makes, and that dad doesn’t really like all that much. He will still ea them and probably enjoys your cooking, but why not give him something he does like? If your spouse or dad loves steak and potatoes, give him that! One night of junk food won’t hurt.

Visit him at work

If you know dad takes a break from noon until one, go surprise him at work. Take him a picnic lunch and a card that tells him all the reasons you love and appreciate him. Guys need reassurance they’re good parents, too.

Take him fishing

… or to some other outdoor thing he enjoys. Let him unwind his way, without dealing with nagging and crying. Let dad enjoy his favorite past time without having to worry about anything else for a bit.

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