Jamberry nails review

My daughter and I were given Jamberry nail wraps as a part of being able to write this review. 

nails 1

I have to admit that I’m leery of manicures and pedicures. I used to love them. Then I went one time to a nail school and got a lovely nail fungus there. I’ve not gotten a manicure or pedicure since. It just seems silly to pay someone so much money when they can give you something so hard to get rid of like a fungus. When Cindy contacted me about reviewing the latest nail craze I was all about it. I mean there’s no chance of a nail fungus. It’s totally affordable and there’s no chipping. So my girl and I received our nails and set about learning how to use them. I’d recomend watching a few of these youtube videos so that you are ready when you order yours. 

and this one:

These show them using a jamberry heater which you can purchase. But I just used my hair dryer for the same result. My girl and I had so much fun bonding over doing our nails. She’s a girly girl and I love that about here. Here’s her nails: 


We had so much fun playing with our new nails. Jamberry nails are a fun, inexpensive alternative to manicures and pedicures. With 3 or 4 applications in each box you are not going to regret purchasing them. They are less than $15 and you get 3 or 4 manicures or pedicures out of each box. Affordable and beautiful. Check out their jamberry nails and get yourself some today. 

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  1. Thank you for this. I have a package of Jamberry that is just sitting on my counter. I really need to try it out. It is such a cool concept.

  2. I have tried a similar brand. I love these styles. I’m going to look for Jamberry near me.

  3. I love the looks you can get with Jamberry, but I have found the application a little tricky. Thank you for the videos, they are very helpful!

  4. One of my girlfriends sells them and I’ve been debating taking the plunge. Might have to scoop some up.

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