How do you handle your heart walking around outside your body?

What to do when your heart walks aroundHow do you handle your heart walking around outside your body?

My baby is a senior in high school. It’s so hard to fathom. We go off to check out another college this weekend. What am I feeling? Is it sadness? Is it joy? Is it all of the above? Yes, yes it’s all of the above. I’m so excited for him in his journey. He has the whole world by a string. He will more then likely get a full ride through hard work and dedication and be able to live on campus at the campus of his choosing. That’s something I never did. I always assumed he’d do what I did. Live at home and go to the local university. That’s not his journey. That was my journey. I’m excited and scared. It is so hard to have your heart living outside your body and walking around making decisions every day that you’re not aware of. It’s my heart! Don’t I get to make those decisions? Nope.

Don’t get me wrong this kid will be missed. I mean the kids are fighting over who gets his room. Uh, us parents get his room…duh.  Just kidding your room will be here until you move out for good. It’s always fun being a parent. This journey takes us so many places in our lives. I’m entering a new season and I’m not sure I like it. But like everything else I bet by this time two years from now I’ll have learned to love it.  Tell me moms who’ve already been there done that…does it get easier? I imagine empty nesting will not be an easy thing! Lucky for me I have at least 10 more years before that happens. 

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  1. My mom went to a community college and my dad went to his local state college, I went to my local state college also but it happened to be the University of Michigan 🙂 which is a great school. Good luck to him!

  2. It’s hard to let our babies go because no matter how old they are, they are still our babies. I felt the same way when my kids went off to college. Still feel that same way when they are not here lol. Good luck with the college.

  3. I could go on for days about this…and I probably will somedays when we walk…it does get easier…I’m lucky…mine stayed close…don’t get me started on empty nesting…I don’t like it one bit!!!

  4. I can’t believe how quickly this day will come. I am sure I will be happy to see them set out on their own like we have been raising them to do but it still won’t make it easier. I hope that I will feel joy that I raised upstanding boys who can be on their own.

  5. Awwww! I think my mom felt the same way when I left for college. She got over it though when I had to move back home after hahaha

  6. Congratulations on his school success — it’s a reflection on you, too!! My nephew just went off to college and we’re so proud of him.

  7. What a special post. It’s wonderful that he’s getting a scholarship. I’m sure you’ll miss him and he will miss you but the nest must be left.

  8. My mom definitely felt that way when I left for college and I am sure I will feel like that!!! Congrats on his success!

  9. You take it one day at a time. We have 10 children and 23 grandchildren, and I know how hard it is to let go. Leaving home, moving across the country, new jobs and new family members. Sometimes it feels like my heart will burst, but I take a step back and realize that they have to spread their wings and fly.

  10. I have never thought about my children this way. what a lovely sentiment to think of them as our hearts walking around outside of our bodies.

  11. I’m 27 and my sister is 25 and my Dad is dealing with serious empty nest syndrome. It still cracks me up.

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