Fruit Shoot video can make your child a star! #ad #fruitshoot #StuntHunt

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Fruit shoot is looking for fun videos with your child as the star. They want it in one of 3 ways. I’ve got my kids thinking about what we are going to do right now. Here’s the different ideas they’re looking for. 

Theme #1 Imaginative Activity Ideas

Fruit Shoot is currently celebrating imaginative activities with a really special competition. Include your unique video of your child, and then share the competition details with your audience. To celebrate the ‘Have a Ball Stunt Hunt’ share your favorite imaginative activity ideas for your audiences to try at home!

Please remember, the video you create must feature the Fruit Shoot bottle in addition to a small ball of your choice.

Theme #2
Make your child look like a movie star!

Share that Fruit Shoot has a great competition running where your audience can have a video of their child animated to make it look like a Hollywood action blockbuster!

Make your video so you can join Fruit Shoot in celebrating the imaginative adventures of children by submitting a short (less than 30 second) video of their child in action, similar to this one that you have entered already entered!

Theme #3
Imaginative play

Make sure you explore the best of our children’s imagination. Have your children come up with amazing original activities and backyard games? Film away! 

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Check out our video we made. It was a bowling competition between the kids! 



About Fruit Shoot our sponsor: 

We want to share some of our favorite things about Fruit Shoot. It has a new no-spill cap, perfect for children of all ages, and contains no fructose corn syrup, making it a much better option than other flavored drinks.

This fun hydration drink is perfect for energetic, independent kids who desire fun on the go. It contains real fruit juice, natural flavors, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no added sugar.

Fruit Shoot lets moms balance the hydration their kids need with the taste that they love, making hydration fun for kids and easy for moms.

Fruit Shoot also features an innovative no-spill cap (no more juice stains in the car!) making it easy for kids to be independent while on the go. These vibrant fun colored bottles come in tasty flavors of Orange, Apple, Berry Burst and Strawberry/Raspberry. You are welcome to purchase any of the flavors in both the regular and low sugar varieties.

By entering the contest and sharing your video in the competition you will be given a coupon to download and receive a free bottle of fruit shoot for your child. Entrants will also receive a Waboba ball anytime they buy 6 bottles of Fruit Shoot in-store. 

So to follow up to enter you: 

Competition details: The ‘Have a Ball Stunt Hunt’ competition is a great demonstration of Fruit Shoot’s commitment to imaginative play and has a reward that is priceless. Here’s how it works:

1. Visit the contest homepage to upload a video of your kids showing off their best tricks, stunts, and super-cool abilities with a Fruit Shoot bottle and any ball. To qualify, please make sure your video is under 30 seconds. Check out the stunt video we have already souped-up for inspiration!

2. Share your video with friends and family and encourage them to vote for your video.

3. Every week, we’ll chose a winning video, give it the full-on Hollywood special effects treatment, and release it on our contest homepage for the world to see!

45 Replies to “Fruit Shoot video can make your child a star! #ad #fruitshoot #StuntHunt”

  1. I will have to pick some of this up at the store next time I am there. My kids would love it. I am all for keeping great drink choices around – especialy with as hot as the summer was.

  2. My kids are such hams, they’ll perform in front of the video camera any time. Fun contest!

  3. This is a really fun creative contest for kids. I can’t wait to see all the amazing entry videos!

  4. I need to get some for my kids, and I like that it doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup!

  5. I’ll bet kids all over the country are having a blast making these videos! I’ve never tried Fruit Shoot but then again I’m not a kid.

  6. I keep seeing these in the store but have not tried them yet! I will next time I am shopping! Thanks!

  7. Great video. This is such a great idea. I’m looking forward to seeing all the great videos.

  8. My kids have never tried this, but might have to give it a try after reading this! And, the contest sounds super fun too!

  9. I love the video that kids did! This is a super fun contest, that’s for sure!

  10. I love the video. Your kids are too cute! I’d love to get my son to do this, but he’s “too cool” for that stuff now. =/

  11. Fruit Shoot sounds so tasty! And I love that it has a spill proof cap. My daughter is known for spilling darn near everything around here lol. Way to go to your daughter, winning that bowling challenge!

  12. Haha, cute bowling video. I think my girls would enjoy making a video. They already think they’re movie stars!

  13. I’ve got to pick up some Fruit Shoots for the kids. They’ll love them. Great video, by the way!

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