How to makeover your fan #diy #makeover

Fan Makeover

We have been looking at our sad 1980’s fan a lot. My dh decided it was time to change all that brass. Please forgive me for not taking pics of my fan before he started taking it apart. haha. 

Here’s part of the before pic. It was in process of being taken down. You would think I wasn’t a blogger based on the fact that I didn’t think to take the pic before. Love the wicker and brass! But you’ve got to go! 

fan 1

We then went to a home department store and bought a spray can of hammered nickel. And taped off the fan and sprayed the brass pieces. Here’s the after: 

fan redone 1

My dh did most of this project. So I don’t have step by step directions. I know you need to make sure there’s no electricity running to the fan before you begin anything! You also want to rough up the blades if you’re painting them. You can do that with sandpaper. I’m not an electrician so you may need to contact one before doing this diy project. Here’s some youtube videos I thought would help someone else doing this project. 

and how to paint metal.

It’s fun to do a Fan Redo and get your house the way you’d like it.

What’s one thing you’d love to redo in your house?

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