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I shop at Aldi’s a lot. They have high quality items at a price I can afford. When My friend asked me if I wanted in on a giveaway for Aldi’s that was a no brainer. Yes. My fans would love $25 to Aldi’s, right friends? So here  you go. Now enter the giveaway so you can shop there too.

Do you shop at ALDI’s? ALDI is not your traditional grocery store. They do not have multiple brands of certain items because they believe in bringing only the best products based on taste and price. They also have fresh produce. And although they don’t accept coupons, their price is quite low. Join our flash giveaway today for a chance to win $25 GC to spend at ALDI.

$25 ALDI Gift Certificate Flash Giveaway

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Giveaway runs 8/15 (Friday) 12:01am and ends 11:59pm EST.

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  1. I LOVE Aldi. If it wasn’t for this store, I don’t know how my family would have made it through the recession. They offer really great products at a prices I can afford, which is really important right now, because i have a teenager that’s eating me out of house and home!! I first discovered them when I was living in Germany and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they follow the EXACT same model here in the States. Love their products and really LOVE their prices!

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