Loser allergic to swimsuit

swimsuit allergy

Who knew one could become allergic to swimsuits?

Did I get your attention? Yes, I’m a loser who is becoming more and more sensitive to nylon threading used in swimsuits and underwear. It’s to the point where I go to the beach wearing shorts and a tank top. I hate that. I’m not little anymore but I still love to swim. I want to wear my swimsuit so my kids know I’m okay with who I am and I can’t. Well kids, I am okay with who I am. I’m just becoming more and more sensitive to everything. I can’t reapply sunscreen because it burns everywhere I place it. I can’t walk outside when it’s windy because it burns too.

UGH!! I’m getting frustrated as I get older. More cranky because of all these new sensitivities that I didn’t use to have. Does this mean I’m becoming my mother? Except she didn’t have these sensitivities. So who am I becoming? Who in my gene pool gave this lovely allergic to swimsuits thing to me? There’s no one to blame. Not that it matters. Just another thing to get used to. I’m grateful. I’m not sick. My kids are well. There are so many other things worse that could be happening to me. I get that. I’m just frustrated with not being able to wear a swimsuit. Wonder if I can find someone who advertises that their swimsuits and underwear are nylon thread free?  I figured this out first when my friends and I was doing water aerobics. I’d go a few days in a row and then have to stop going and  let everything recover. Bummer! How about you, do you have any allergies?

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  1. I would suggest a sunscreen product with natural ingredients. Have you gone to a health food store such as Whole Foods or Sunshine Nutrition Center in M’Boro? These stores would have great alternatives for sunscreen without tons of chemicals. It is a common skin allergy to have regarding all the chemicals that are found in a sunscreen product. My brother had so many allergies when he was a child, the doctors thought they were going to need to put him in a sterile environment (aka the bubble). I know how difficult allergies can be and at any time in one’s life you can develop an allergy to anything regardless of how much you have used or consumed in the past. Also allergies can be caused by auto immune issues. The biggest culprit of this in women is hypothyroidism. If you haven’t had your thyroid tested, I would suggest it. If you have make sure they ran all 6 indicators and not just the most common 3. I know how much fun having rashes on your skin. I’ve a rash since January. I’ve discovered I’m allergic to gluten & high fructose corn syrup.

  2. Hey Renee I’ve heard coconut oil works. But I’ve never tried it. I’ll check those out. I’ve been checked for hypo because my hair was falling out but they said I didn’t have it. I don’t know which test they ran. gluten and hfcs is in so much stuff. I’ve noticed now that I’ve cut cokes out my hairs not falling out like it was. getting older is so much fun, huh? not. LOL

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