Filtrete filters makes a healthier home for the family. #ad #healthierhome @filtrete

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Filtrete gave me filters to use on this post. All opinions are honest and my own. 

Let’s face it the home is where a lot of us spend most of our time. It’s important that the air quality in our home be good for us and our precious family. Filtrete filters give me the piece of mind to know that the air in my home is good quality for my family. Did you know that a good quality filter will protect your family from pet dander, dust, pollen, mite debris, mold spores and even smoke and smog. A good filter can help you keep it away from your sweet family. Filtrete offers a few different kinds for your specific family needs. They have odor reduction filters, clean living filters and even allergy defense. Their filters range in prices from really inexpensive flat filters to the healthy living ones that you might spend a bit more on.  Check out our sponsor and follow them on Filtrete Filters Twitter account (@Filtrete), and the Filtrete Filters Facebook page ( 

To have a healthier home there are many things you can do. Getting a good quality filter is one. Having living plants inside is another.  At this moment I have about 8 indoor plants for this reason. They tend to take in the bad things in the air (smoke, smog, etc) CO2 and filter it out and give off  clean oxygen that we need. And maybe I just love taking care of plants, gardens, etc. Speaking of I better go water these plants! What tip do you have for living in a healthier home? Leave me a comment and let me know. 




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  1. I love Filtrete filters. I have allergies, and I also have three dogs and a cat. Not a good combination. Filtrete filters are the only filters I’ve found that really help keep the allergen levels down.

  2. I have a few plants indoors as I know they are really good for you.I also have salt lamps in every room they are supposed to do good things for the air also.

  3. We use Filtrete filters in our home. I tend to purchase the ones to help get rid of the various allergens (and the fact that I have a cat – and many family members who visit and are allergic to my cat!)

  4. We use Filtrete filters in our house, too. We have forced hot air heat, so we have lots of dust in the house.

  5. Plants are a must! I agree that they really help the air quality. No central air conditioners here and our heat is forced air from a boiler. Old farm houses are fun! 😉

  6. I’ll have to look into this as I have 2 air conditioners with filters.
    I would probably use this better filter in the home!

  7. Using no chemicals, having plants and fresh air I think make a healthier home. Plus change your filters per filter recommendations.

  8. What a great review of Filtrete filters. We love them, too. We try and use less chemicals, too. One easy change is to add plants to every room. They help a lot!

  9. This is the first time I hear about filtretes I’m asthmatic and I need a quality filter for dust and pollen. I have to check their website now

  10. I wont ever drink unfiltered water. I can definitely tell a difference in the taste of it. We have a filtrate water pticher in our fridge

  11. We actually need o get a new filter. I will have to look into Filtrete Filters!

  12. I need to buy some of these. We have two cats and a dog and I know the air in the house could be cleaner.

  13. having the right filter does help with air quality in the home. Thanks for the post that is a great reminder

  14. There is nothing like the taste of a ice cold glass of clean water. Filtrete makes some nice filters.

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