Korg makes learning music fun and promotes self esteem in children! #korg #ad

music promotes self esteem

I received compensation consideration from Korg through my relationship with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions are my own.

Korg digital pianos are good for children’s self esteem

When I was growing up I always watched my friends take piano. It was something I had wanted to do for a long time. I was finally allowed to take guitar and I hated it. It wasn’t piano. I finally got the chance in college to take a music class and learn piano. I loved it.  I used to go practice all the time after class was over and in between other classes. Now that I have a daughter I so want her to take piano too. Korg can help with that. Instead of having those huge pianos taking up space in our cozy homes they offer great digital pianos for children and adults to learn on. Studies have been done that show that children who learn an instrument and play music perform better in their academic pursuits than the children who are not learning an instrument. They have fewer behavoiral issues and it’s been shown in other studies that they have better self esteem then the children who don’t play. Both my boys play violin and they seem to enjoy it.  My girl and I are in discussions on her taking piano. 

How is the Korg digital piano different from the upright?

Digital pianos have less maintenance then the older upright pianos. They cost less and they do not have to be tuned. They come in a variety of colors (lots of black and white but you can get it in red sometimes too). With earphones the children can play without interrupting whatever else might be going on in the room. The dual inputs for headphones allows the teacher and the student access to the student’s playing again without interfering with other work going on in the room. They even have built in demo songs that can be played for your enjoyment.  If you are curious about the digital pianos check them out on the Korg website for locations close to you.  Whatever you do when you put your child in music you are giving them a gift. One that will help them get through life feeling proud of their accomplishments. 

I received compensation consideration from Korg through my relationship with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions are my own.



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  1. going to check this out! i have 2 toddlers

  2. I loved playing the piano when I was younger. I’m sure I would be a little rusty now! I will have to check this out.

  3. Jenna Wood says:

    I don’t know about children but I’d love to learn piano with Korg. I never had a chance to learn an instrument growing up!

  4. Interesting. I can kinda/sorta play piano, but mostly can just sound out songs (using 1 hand, not 2) – I play violin.

  5. Music is universal – it’s amazing and amazing to have the technology we have today to help implement learning/using it.

  6. way2goodlife says:

    Thatis very interesting – I so want to know more about it

  7. I always wanted to learn how to pay the piano but never really had the dedication. My skills are limited to rocking out on the ipad while my corgi looks at me in confusion. LOL

  8. cyndi watson says:

    I remember my parents sending me to six months or so of piano lessons. I didn’t love it then- for me I remember the teacher(I don’t think I took to her much). The value of a good teacher/instructor at a young age is key. I may still be playing..

  9. Awesome! Definitely checking this out for my boys this summer.

  10. Danielle Stewart says:

    I played piano as a kid however not by choice. I do think that music can really help kids if that is something they are passionate about doing.

  11. melissak3 says:

    I have always wanted to learn to play the piano…:)

  12. This sounds like something my daughter would really like.

  13. Chelsea (@MeAndMyHandful) says:

    Music is so amazing for all children! Thanks for sharing. I will have to try this!

  14. This is great– thank you for sharing!!

  15. donnahup says:

    Very cool! I play the violin and I love this! Thanks for sharing.