5 ways to get better pictures with your babies

 5 ways to get better pictures with your babies

1. Photograph babies in the morning light.  Babies are well rested and better fed in the morning. Breastmilk is richer and thicker for baby to be fuller longer.  Happy babies make better pictures. 

2. Keep it simple. Use less to make your baby the spotlight.  How cute is the pic below?

Make words using feet in photos

3. Use a prop to record the babies size. You want to see and remember how little they were. I always loved the numbers in the picture with how old they are.  I love this picture of the baby in dad’s big arm! 

record baby's size in photo

4. Use a baby book or journal for the first years and record with pictures, weight, sizes, firsts. You can do this simply with paper and pen, dry erase board or a chalkboard. 

5. Find objects to set them in or on. I put my son in a basket I had. Then dressed him and his brother in matching overalls. It was so cute. Enjoy the way the babies are now and then. They grow up all too fast. 

Last but not least, make sure you take the time to include yourself in the photo as often as you can. They will grow up and want to see you in their photos. We, as moms tend to not want to be in the photo. Make the time and be in the photo for your kids. It’s important that they see you see yourself as valuable. You are valuable at any weight or size to be in their pictures with them. Do it!  What  is your favorite way to photography your kids or babies? Leave me a comment! 


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  1. Love these tips! Aside from my blog, I make monthly baby photo props on Etsy, and I love seeing the great pictures they get used for! Pinning this to my Baby Pictures board, I popped over from the Bloggers Brags! 🙂

  2. Great ideas for getting pictures of the kiddos. As I host Mommy and Me Monday, I really like the tip to make sure moms/dads get in the pictures, too.

  3. My son loves taking photos with me, if we use the forward-facing camera. He loves seeing himself and making funny faces!

  4. Love those feet! I am such a camera freak… I don’t know if I have tips.. but I just see them do something and click away!

  5. Aww, how sweet the ones you have showcased are, for sure! I think the pictures that stand out like those are the ones that make us the happiest when we’re going through the photo albums. 🙂

  6. Great tips!!! I need to work on the last one. I actually just found a link up called Mommy & Me to help me be accountable for being in atleast one picture with my kids a week.

  7. Great tips. I have the cutest photos of my kids with our hands as props.

  8. I think the pic on the daddy’s arm really gives good perspective of the baby’s size. Great tips here!

  9. Great tips and advice. I agree. Too many times we are missing in the pictures and I think our children will be disappointed in that down the road.

  10. Gorgeous pictures. I love the tips. Especially the last one to make sure you’re in the pic. So important to capture ourselves in the memories too!

  11. I love the foot picture. So adorable. I find photographing babies much easier than photographing toddlers. I need some tips for that lol!

  12. great tips – adorable pictures too! I need to practice a bit more, my photos aren’t quite up to the quality I want them to be!

  13. Tough to remember that last one! We’re so busy taking the pics, it’s good to remember to be in the memories!

  14. I like taking candid shots of my kids rather than posed ones. Their personalities come out so much more capturing them doing what they normally do!

  15. I never get into the photos! I really should though because I’d want to see pics of me and my parents too!!

  16. These are great tips! I wish I would have taken more photos like this of my girls when they were little. Now my youngest is 10 and getting her to pose for photos seems a lot harder than taking them when they were babies lol.

  17. The pictures look great! I love the tips; babies don’t always want to cooperate with photographers.

  18. Great tips and I love your suggestions. I love painting on the feet. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I’ve pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board

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