Neighborhoods and rules

My neighborhood wanted to make an HOA some years back. It started with a neighbor driving drunk and plowing into the brick entrance to our subdivision. I’m not sure if he didn’t have insurance or what. The brick entrance was finally fixed and they decided we needed an HOA in case things like this happen in the future. They sent out letters and hoped for the best. 

It didn’t go that well. You see when you have an older home and there’s no HOA to begin with why would anyone decide it’d be a great idea to have one after the fact. There’s no way I’m letting someone tell me what to do in my own yard and paying them to do it. I get that it’s a great way to make sure you take care of your yard and property and don’t leave 5 broke down vehicles in the yard. But no one in our neighborhood has that. With codes there is already someone in the neighborhood who is turning people in for parking in their own grass. Codes takes care of that anyway.  I get that it would be a great asset to have for those homes that leave their Christmas Lights, Etc up year round. But no one in our neighborhood does this. 

You see we have a small neighborhood. Maybe 40 houses. I love our small neighborhood. My kids have friends that they love to play with. Over spring break they were out playing flashlight hide and seek at 8:00 at night and loving life. That’s the important stuff. I don’t want to sweat the small stuff. I’m glad our neighborhood dropped the need for an HOA. We are all doing fine just like we are! Do you have an HOA where you live?


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  1. I’m glad you linked to what a HOA was because I wasn’t sure at first.

    I live in an apt. building so we don’t have one, but my parents do have one in their condo community.

  2. I live in a condo so we have an HOA, it seems to be a waste of money from my standpoint. They spent thousands repainting decks instead of repairing termite damage….or getting security for the vagrants who sleep in the laundry rooms….

  3. Where we live right now, our HOA is brutal. It also owns the land, so anything and everything has to be approved first. However, MIL’s subdivision only meets once a year, collects $100 for the pond maintenance and. I also was a part of the board of another HOA where we rebuilt the whole subdivision to avoid to be condemned. I guess I have seen all kinds of pros and cons

  4. We absolutely do not have an HOA and I am very glad. The last thing I want is someone telling me what I can and cannot do with my property.

  5. We do have a Home Owners Association but I was here from the beginning so you bought in when you moved in. I am glad it’s there, because every neighborhood always has that ONE person.

  6. My husband absolutely would not move into an area with HOA. He hates being told what he can and cannot do with his own home. I’m glad you have such an awesome neighborhood. They make America great!

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