Gardening tips from the trenches!

gardening tips from the trenches

Mother’s Day gave my hubby and me inspiration to get some flowers planted and the garden tilled up. 

I gathered a few tips I’ve been using this year to share with you. 

1. Use what you have when gardening. We have this old wheelbarrow at another house. We put it to great use as a flower container. Just drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and added a mat and potting soil. 

marigolds keep mosquitos away

2. Marigolds are supposed to help keep mosquitos away. I bought a bunch and put them on my front porch so we can sit there and still enjoy our swing and being outside. 

3. Plant lettuce in potting soil and cut the tops off to  make a salad. Then let it grow again. You can do this with the bottom of celery too. Well the exception is you need a planter for celery. Cut the bottom off, plant the bottom and the celery regrows. Very cool!  

lettuce growing in potting soil


I have now almost 3/4 of my garden planted. Whew. It’s not huge but it’s time consuming and back breaking work. But so worth it in the end. I bought about $50 in non gmo seeds last year and can’t find any of them. I’m heartbroken. That’s a lot of money tied up in seeds. I need to go get some melon seeds among other things before I’m done. Here’s what’s in my garden. 



bush beans

lima beans



butternut squash




tomatoes cherry and bigger ones




turnip greens 





and I’m missing canteloupe and watermelon

I used to plant okra but we always fry it so I’m not planting that anymore. I could pickle it. Hmm.  

What do you like to plant in your garden? Have you ever gardened? Leave me a comment and let me know. 

35 Replies to “Gardening tips from the trenches!”

  1. I did not know that about marigolds! I’ll have to pick some up the next time I’m at the nursery. We planted this past weekend, but it was all herbs and veggies. I did also get some hanging potted plants!

  2. I love the wheel barrel! We just started a mini garden w tomatoes which are doing awesome,, peppers, and strawberries and chocolate mint.. What do you do w chocolate mint! I MADE my husband plant okra …I’m Southern.. I need my Okra!

  3. I love that wheelbarrow planter that you made. It’s so pretty! I am not the best gardener and basically just have one planter full of flowers. I know, lame!

  4. I’m sad to report I have a black thumb so I’m hesitant to start gardening but a neighbor and good friend of ours wants to pull our resources together and go in on a garden together-I guess I’ll have to get over my fear and jump into the soil head first!

    I’ll have to remember some of these great tips 🙂

  5. We tried last year and didn’t do very well. Except the basil, that grew like crazy. But, now that you say that about marigolds and mosquitos, I might go buy them all up!

  6. I do need to get some gardening done soon. I plan to start a vegetable garden in my barren backyard

  7. I’d never heard that about marigolds keeping mosquitoes away. I may have to try that!

  8. I didn’t know about marigolds. It seems like no matter what kind or how much bug spray we wear – my son and I get attacked by mosquitoes. No one else will be bit but us!

  9. I got my garden planted this weekend. i cut way back only doing tomatoes, jalapenos and red peppers. I think i might get some lettuce in this week.

  10. I’m totally loving your lettuce tip. I’ll try that. I’m growing basil right now and it’s doing well!

  11. I think it would be fun to raise watermelon. My grandparents had a lot of things in their garden, but I remember loving that they had grapes!

  12. I love plants and flowers, but they just don’t love me back. I think I’ve managed to kill every type of plant there is lol.

  13. I need to stock up on marigolds. We live in a woody type area and summers can be brutal when mosquitoes are buzzing around!

  14. Your garden sounds AMAZING! I love being able to eat and cook with things that I’ve grown myself. I started a balcony garden this year and it has taken off- I love it!

  15. OK, these are great tips! I learned a lot from this post! I’m going to try make a go of a garden this year. So glad I read this post!

  16. Your garden sounds yummy! I have been saying I was going to do some container gardening. I tried with a sunflower…. it died! LOL! I suck at this!

  17. What great tips. Thank you so much for sharing with us. My mother loves to plant and she plants with my boys and family memory they will always treasure.

  18. I really miss to have such a wonderful garden like yours. Gardening can be very useful for some practical daily life such us planting marigolds to prevent mosquitos. What beautiful, fabulous, and complete garden you’ve got. Thank you for sharing.

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