Day 1 Fed Up Sugar Challenge

Well day one is behind me. I added no sugar to anything and made sure everything I ate was less than 9gms of sugar or less. Here’s what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast life cereal with strawberries and lactaid milk

Lunch salad with chicken and strawberries and mandarin oranges and a whole grain bread (ate two bites of bread)

Snack string cheese

Dinner spaghetti with whole grain noodles and mixed vegetables

Water was drank at every meal and I had one dr. pepper. 

I lost one pound yesterday. I did not work out. I did do work at my desk, take care  of my kiddos and take them to golf. Then came home made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and spent time with my family. And I lost a pound. Getting off sugar is going to be the key. I know I can do it. I have to stay commited but I can!!

Yay for weight loss and better health. Have you done anything for yourself lately?



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