7 boredom busters that cost less than $5- just in time for summer!

7 Boredom Busters that cost less then $5

7 boredom busters that cost less than $5- just in time for summer!


Go Bowling or to a movie

Movie theaters have summer programs that show older movies and cartoon classics. You may have a hard time finding something the whole family likes, but it doesn’t hurt to check. Plus, local groups often put on free showings of family friendly movies in the park after the sun goes down. Check your local tourist office for these offers.

Get some culture

Many museums offer interactive art for kids and tours for adults for free! Take your kids to local shows and help them paint, sculpt, and whatever else the art teacher is doing as the medium of the day. You can get in some bonding time with your child, social time with your peers, and a lesson in art all at once and all for nothing spent.

Number Treasure Hunt

If your child is a visual learner, take them on a number treasure hunt around your town. Ask your child to look for numbers in signs, on license plates, and anywhere else around. Once they get to ten, give them a treat as their “treasure.” If your child can do simple math, ask them to find equations. For example, ask “What two numbers added together make 15?” Once they find a seven and an eight, or a five and a ten, they solved it.

Go backyard camping

If you don’t want to take a long drive to have some fun, you can just step out into your backyard, pitch a few tents, start a contained fire, and make some S’mores. Tell ghost stories, play games, roast hot dogs, and have a great time camping with those you love. No electronics allowed, but you can comfortably use the indoor facilities. 

Plant a garden

Use your own soil, a cheap shovel, and some seed packets to start a flower garden with your kids this summer. You can even get a $1 plastic pot and make a windowsill flower planter to keep it indoors. 

Go to the library or bookstores

Story time at the library or your local bookstore is often free, and many libraries will offer incentives for locals to visit in the summer. Take advantage of these free programs and have fun catching up on your reading list. 

Go swimming and to the park

The public pool and the park are always open in summer. Load up the kids and go! It’s free, or cheap, and you can get in a whole day our outdoor play with other kids and moms looking to beat the boredom of summer.


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